Winemaking Services

Once your vineyard is producing wonderful fruit, it's time to start thinking about making your own wine!  Perhaps you planned to do it yourself, perhaps you planned to learn, perhaps you planned to have an experienced winemaker do it with or for you.  We can expertly help you with any of the above, from just helping you obtain your own equipment and supplies to full service winemaking.  We will consult with you on your needs and help you in every way possible.

Many people unknowingly take for granted the extensive time and effort that go into making good wine. And usually, the more the effort - coupled with the appropriate expertise - ensures a quality wine. Yes, it's true that wine is easy to make. Minimally, you just take some juice and add some yeast. A few days later you have wine! Unfortunately, if it was that simple to make good wine, then fine wines wouldn't be so expensive! To get good juice, you have to grow the grapes and grow 'em with care. And to get the juice out of the grapes, well, that takes some knowledge and some sweat. From there, it's all up hill, in a sense. But the down hill comes at bottling, and that's where the pride of making great wine really kicks in.

So when you look at the costs of making your wine as outlined below, we hope you will realize and understand that good wine takes time, effort, expertise, patience, and all the right tools (of which there are many). Also, more volume means higher cost. In other words, it takes more than fermentation to make a great wine. While wine making is not cheap, it is a marvelous thrill and comes with its wonderful rewards!

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1.50/bottle up to 10 cases
$1.25/bottle 11 cases and above

"Vines to Wine" Full Service Winemaking Package:

We will:

- Harvest your vineyard at peak sugar content;
- Crush/Destem at your home;
- Test for proper acid/pH/sulfite levels;
- Correct acid/pH/sulfite in your must as needed;
- Conduct fermentation and punch cap(s) daily;
- Conduct pressing of new wine off skins into holding vessel(s);
- Re-test for proper acid/pH/sulfite levels;
- Monitor clarification of your wine(s) over 60-day period;
- Transfer cleared wine(s) into clean vessel(s);
- 6 months of temperature-controlled storage included.
- Requires separate rental or purchase of fermentation and aging vessels.
- Requires separate purchase of wine yeast, sulfite solution, and other additives as needed or recommended to ensure appropriate
  color, balance, and protection from harmful bacteria and oxidation.
 -Optional oak alternatives for aging are available at additional cost.

Cost: $50/gallon of finished wine.

Spring Bottling Package:

We will:

Provide sufficient number of standard wine bottles;
Provide grade A agglomerated corks;
Provide and attach stand shrink capsules.
Use of gravity-fed, stainless steel bottling machine, motorized pump, tubing, floor stand corker, and heat-shrink gun are included.

$1.50/bottle up to 10 cases
$1.25/bottle 11 cases and above


Fermentation Vessels

Food-grade, sanitized, plastic fermentation containers with lids:
10gal - will hold up to 6 gallons of must or 8 gallons of juice
15gal - will hold up to 10 gallons of must or 12 gallons of juice
20gal - will hold up to 15 gallons of must or 17 gallons of juice
30gal - will hold up to 24 gallons of must or 27 gallons of juice
55gal - will hold up to 47 gallons of must or 50 gallons of juice

Aging Vessels

Food-grade, Wine-approved Plastic - Fixed Volume:
5-gallon �Better Bottle� carboy with air-lock (fixed volume)
6-gallon �Better Bottle� carboy with air-lock (fixed volume)
(Enter list of products from the alternative container people)

Stainless Steel - Variable Volume

10-gallon stainless steel wine container with air-lock and floating lid (variable volume)
15-gallon ....
88- gallon...

Stainless Steel - Fixed Volume

14-gallon stainless steel wine container with air-lock (fixed volume)
28-gallon stainless steel wine container with air-lock (fixed volume)

Oak Barrels

Call for pricing.

We can acquire American and Hungarian oak barrels in nearly any size, from 1 liter up to 50 gallons. French oak barrels are typically only available in a couple sizes smaller than 50 gallons. We don�t mark-up the price of these barrels. They are expensive enough as it is. Cost includes shipping where necessary, as well as prep for filling (conditioning & sanitizing).

Required and Optional Winemaking Additives

Premium Wine Yeast (red or white)
Pectin (breaks down and extracts color from red grape skins)
Potassium Metabisulfite in solution (sanitizes all surfaces
that come into contact with wine, protects wine from bacterial
infection and oxidation
Tartaric Acid - increases acidity in low-acid juice, must, or wine,
lowers pH in high pH wines
Malolactic Bacteria - introduced near the end of or just following
fermentation to soften the wine by converting harsher lactic acid
to softer malic acid. This is the source of "buttery" flavor in fine
Chardonnays and vanillan flavors in many red wines. "Malolactic
fermentation," also known as "secondary fermentation," is not
necessary for all wines, and is dependent upon the vintner"s style
for the type of wine desired.
Other additives may be necessary in special situations.

Oak Alternatives

Oak alternatives are widely used, even by commercial wineries. They are much more versatile and affordable than barrels that need to be cleaned and sanitized after each use, and also take up a lot of space. Flavor extraction is very good with the chips and excellent with the spirals. Our favorite oak alternative is the Oak Spirals, which are designed to maximize wine to wood exposure, thus resulting in increased extraction and decreased oak exposure (max of 6 weeks compared to 6 months to a year in oak barrels).

American Oak Chips
French Oak Chips
American Oak Cubes
French Oak Cubes
American Oak Spirals
French Oak Spirals

Other Services:

Consulting                                                                                              $50/hr.
Additional Testing                                                                                  $15-$40 per test
Transportation & delivery of your must/juice/wine                                   Call for Quote
Climate controlled storage for bulk aging                                                 as little as $25 per month

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