Some believe there is little planning necessary to plant grapevines. That may be true...if you don't care about proper planting methods and the quality of the fruit.

Truthfully, in order to plant a vineyard properly, to have high yields of high quality fruit, and healthy vines, there are a number of factors which must be considered: When to plant? Where to plant? Trellis or Stake? Can I plant along a wall, in a pot, do I really have to worry about it? How do I set up a proper watering system? How often do I water the vines? What should the spacing be between vines? Should I do mid-growth pruning of some sort? When and how do I prune after harvest? Why do some people plant rose bushes in their vineyards? Should I? Is my soil right for grapevines? What grapevines will grow well in my type of soil? Do I need full or partial sun? ...and many other considerations.

We can help you through all of these questions with little effort on your part, and no stress.

We will assess your home, help you find the best area to plant, help you decide what type(s) of grapes you can grow, draw up a color plan with detailed information the layout, supplies and tools needed to install a beautiful vineyard that you'll love to show off and spend time around. We can plant your new vineyard during any time of the year. However, it's optimal to plant in the late winter or early spring to take advantage of a first-year long growing season. If you miss the winter/spring, we can still assure that your home vineyard will be wonderful no matter when it's planted throughout the year.

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Following is a recent plan for a 10-vine, trellised vineyard using Cabernet Sauvignon grafted onto Freedom rootstock. Note our detail, even though it was only 10 vines. We want everything to be perfect and beautiful to complement your home and your desires.

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