Proper care and maintenance of any vineyard, whether one vine or a hundred vines, is essential to ensuring happy, healthy, fine-fruit-bearing vines. So, what does "proper care" consist of? Actually, many things play into good vineyard care. One important requirement is to frequently visit your vineyard at least once weekly, if not more often. By doing this, you will become familiar with your vines, they will come to know you, and you will be able to detect problems such as unwanted bugs or diseases before they do any lasting or permanent harm to your vines.

The good thing is, we specialize in not just good but excellent vineyard care and maintenance. And whether your vineyard is one that we planted or an existing one planted by your hands or someone else's, we can take excellent care of your vines. For a monthly "vine care fee," we will visit your vineyard on a weekly basis and, at the minimum, provide the following services:

  • weeding*;
  • looking for pests and other problems*;
  • checking your irrigation system if you have one*;
  • determining proper watering need (if applicable)*;
  • pruning*;
  • training vines on the trellis*(if applicable);
  • and caring for your vines if they need any help (supplies/materials extra)*;

*The initial visit of an existing vineyard, depending on its preliminary needs, may require an additional charge for bringing the vineyard into a maintenance status.


This is the part that makes any consumer nervous. "What's this gonna cost me?" Because all vineyards vary in number of vines, vineyard condition, location, and initial/ongoing needs, we conduct a complete initial consultation with the vineyard owner to determine the fair monthly cost, and whether or not the first visit will incur an additional cost due to work that must be done to get the vineyard into "maintenance shape." Since most of our potential customers want something to go on, please use the following as a guide only:

Small vineyard, 1 - 10 vines, in maintenance condition needing little or no initial help - $20 per month

Medium vineyard, 15 - 30 vines, in maintenance condition needing little or no initial help - $30 per month

Large vineyard, 35 - 75 vines, in maintenance condition needling little or no initial help - $40 per month

X-Large vineyard, 80 - 150 vines, in maintenance condition needling little or no initial help - $50 per month

Again, the above is for guide purposes only, and does not include work that may need to be done to bring the vineyard into "maintenance shape", such as heavy weeding, heavy pruning, treatment for pests, molds, or diseases, removal of debris, or anything else that we feel would require an extra charge.

The bottom line is, we want to help you ensure that your home, business, or other custom vineyard is the very best it can be in terms of health and fruit quality.

Consultation & Education Alternatives

Some home vineyard owners don't want to pay for maintenance on their vineyard, and that's fine because most would like to learn to do so themselves. We are happy to consult with you and teach you to properly care for your vines. We will also be happy to come out and help you determine the causes of, and treatments for, any problems stemming from pests or diseases. Want to redesign your vineyard and beautify it? We can help there, too. We charge an hourly fee of $25 for consulting and education services. There's not a better deal in our region, unless you can get someone to do it for you for free. We've also been known to do a little bartering now and then for a nice bottle or two of wine in exchange for our assistance.

Please don't hesistate to contact us for more information. We're interested in helping ensure that your vineyard is the best it can be. Whether you are eating your grapes, making jam, or looking forward to making wine with them, we can help ensure a great harvest!

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