A number of our vineyards have already produced wonderful fruit resulting in fabulous and award-winning wines!

Above: This is marvelous Cabernet Sauvignon hanging from a 6 year-old MHV vine. These are only two of nearly 12 clusters that were pulled from this staked vine.

Above: Nearly 80 pounds of grapes were pulled from just four of our vines...three staked Zinfandel vines and the Cabernet vine in the prior photo. The Zinfandel vines are the offspring of Cucamonga Old Vines that were once located at the southwest corner of Route 66 (Foothill Blvd) and Haven Ave in Rancho Cucamonga. These vines started as cuttings, no more than a foot long and no bigger around than a pencil when they were cut and rooted in 2003.

Above: A lone Thompson seedless vine planted only three years ago. Thompson vines are VERY hardy and begin fruiting after the first year. They grow quickly and stretch out their canes so vibrantly, that they must be pruned throughout the year to control them. The better control, the better the quality of the table fruit.

Conclusion: You, too, can enjoy wonderful grapevines planted by MyHomeVineyard!

Please feel free to call any of the vineyard owners below for comments about our knowledge and workmanship.

Gabe & Patty Ferrer, Rocky Top Vineyard (currently producing)
Alta Loma, 909-987-9416 (home)

Dale & Ana Collisson, Side-Yard Vineyard
Claremont, 909-556-3585 (cell)

Bruce & Martha Armbruster, Loma Seca Vineyard (currently producing)
Rancho Cucamonga, 909-463-2674 (home)

Gene & Patrice Govoreau, Red Pony Lane Vineyard
Riverside, 951-789-5461 (home)

Russell & Emily Tingley, Rancho de Emilia Vineyards
Alta Loma, 909-240-3290 (cell)

Paul & Elaine Carney, Bella Vista Vineyard
Alta Loma, 909-815-2200 (cell)

and others upon request!

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