If you live outside Southern California and you'd like to plant your own vineyard, we can still make your vineyard dreams come true! 

All you need do is take measurements of your intended planting area, take a few pictures, then email it all to us for evaluation.  Based upon what you send us, we can:
-  put together a custom design and plan, including specified materials and supplies;  
-  provide you with written step-by-step installation and planting instructions;
-  help you locate the best supplier(s) in your area to purchase the materials and supplies you'll need;
-  determine for you the appropriate rootstock for your soil and climate; and
-  provide long-distance consultation by phone, text, email, and/or video Skype.

Of course, if you would prefer to have us travel to your location, even if you are located on the East Coast or on another continent, and you are willing to pay our reasonable travel and lodging expenses, we'll gladly make the trip!  We can provide you a full proposal and quote.

Cost for long-distance planning and consultation?  $300

If you are serious about installing your own premium, custom vineyard, and you want it done properly by using expert plans and assistance, this is the best $300 you could spend to help get you there.

Questions?  Contact George at 909-560-7834 or VineWhisperer@aol.com


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