Do you know of any grapevines that have been abandoned, neglected, or need to be removed by a property owner? Well, we hope to save as many existing Cucamonga vines from loss or eradication as we can. Please notify us and we will make every effort to save the vine(s). We have much success relocating young and old vines alike, and we will see that they receive a good, loving home where they can be enjoyed for many years to come.

Interested in adopting a rescued and registered Cucamonga Old Vine? For a reasonable, tax deductible donation to the Cucamonga Vineyard Heriatage Society, you can help preserve a piece of Cucamonga's rich Vineyard Heritage. We have Old Vines from 25+ years old, with some as old as 80+ years! Contact us for details @, or call for George at 909-560-7834.

Here are some examples of some recently rescued old vines:

This sweet little potted vine, an Alicante varietal, is much older than it looks. It is one of two 25+ year old vines that survived the entire vineyard being scraped off in preparation for commercial building next to the Lowes at Foothill and Milliken. It pushed its way back up through the heavily compressed soil and is currently more bush than vine. After it has reestablished its root structure, we will prune and retrain it. It has a wonderful old vine root system within the pot, some of which will be able to be exposed above ground once it is replanted. We were able to save this one, but have not been able to get back to save the other. Hopefully soon.

This little beauty is another 25+ year old vine, we believe to be Zinfandel, that was rescued recently from the abandoned DeBerard Vineyard at 6th & Archibald. Most of the vines there have died out due to neglect over the past few years, but some have barely survived. We have permission from the family to save these vines as we are able. Bob DeBerard, who passed away in 2004, was a descendant of the early Cucamonga families who tended the old vineyards. He tended this and a few other vineyards right up to the time he passed away. Most, if not all, of his other old vine vineyards have been replaced with commercial buildings.

This is one of our finest rescues. Another 25+ year old vine from the DeBerard vineyard, it has some wonderful, shapely knarle to it. Now that it is beyond the initial shock of its rescue, it is pegged for adoption and preservation at the site of the Cucamonga Valley Vintners Cooperative "Rocky Top Vineyard" in Alta Loma. There, it will be well cared for, loved, and appreciated.

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