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We are very pleased to be affiliated with an awesome garden-planting service that can bring the benefits of organic gardening to your home, school, business, retirement facility, you name it! The folks at groOrganic.com can bring you all the benefits of wholesome, natural, tasty, custom gardens of all shapes, sizes, and designs. Fit a garden or a vine in the smallest area...just add some sun! Visit our friends at www.groOrganic.com. You'll be fascinated with the possibilities!

Vineyard Maintenance...New or Existing

Once your new vineyard is planted, or even if you already have existing vines, you may want to take advantage of our vine management program. We are experienced vineyard artisans who can ensure that your vines are healthy, properly pruned, trellised, Sharpshooter-free, and more. Proper vine management is essential for healthy vines and quality fruit production. We can also train you to take care of your vines for years to come. Don't be the next victim of the dreaded vine-killing Pierce's Disease, of destructive powdery mildew, and a host of othe potential problems. We can help you to be proactive and successful in growing wonderful vines and grapes!

Beyond the Vines...Great Vines Make Great Wines

Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of making and labeling your own wine? We can help! We are award-winning home winemakers with all the experience, skills, and information to guide you in producing outstanding “estate” vintages that you can proudly share with your family and friends. Interested in selling your grape crop? We may be able to purchase your grapes as part of our own winemaking! That means that you can potentially recoup your initial planting expense in a matter of just a few years.

Custom Wine Labels

Have a weeding, birthday, anniversary, Holiday, or other special event that demands a special gift? Consider a custom-designed wine label for that perfect bottle or case of wine. You design your label or have us assist you...it's up to you. We are an award-winning wine label producer, with creative ideas and designs for any event or purpose. Your custom label(s) can be applied to a store-bought commercial wine or we can place it/them on our own award-winning amateur wine, in different sizes of bottles from splits to the 8-bottle Imperial, or even larger. We can do it all. Moreover, we're affordable. Email us with your interest.

Personalized Wine Tastings

We’re not just vineyard masters and award-award winning winemakers. We also conduct personalized tastings of our wines, yours, or commercial vintages. Whether an intimate affair or a group event, we can provide you with a low-cost event that will impress and educate those who attend.

Call or Email Us Today!

If you have an interest in any of our services, please call George Walker at 909-560-7834, or email at VineWhisperer@aol.com. Also, please be sure to peruse our website for pictures and descriptions of our work. We’re proud of what we have accomplished to date and look forward to serving you.

So stop wasting precious water on that less than attractive ground cover, stop fighting half-dead grass, weeds, and unwanted plants! Plant a beautiful vineyard and join in the grape-growing heritage of the historic Cucamonga Appellation and the California Southern region! If we haven't yet convinced you, please check out our 10 Reasons for having Your Own Custom Designed Home Vineyard.

A Votre Sante!

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