In 2013, we celebrate our 5th year of planting wonderful custom vineyards, both in and outside Southern California!  In the past fours years and beyond, we have planted or assisted in planting over 60 vineyards, mostly wine grapes, but also table grapes, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.  We are proud of all that we have accomplished and all that we have done to make our customers' vineyard dreams come true.  Many of our vineyards are now producing wonderful fruit, while some of them have produced their first-harvest wines!  And, we have continued to help a number of existing vineyard owners rehab their vineyards, add vines, troubleshoot problems with pests, diseases, and varmints, and help increase the quality of their fruit.  We love what we do and look forward to planting many more vineyards in the years to come.  Will one of them be yours???

As of the start of 2013, we have new vineyards planned and we have been asked to assist with with other vineyards for rehab and maintenance.  This year's vineyards that have been completed or are in process are depicted below.

Recently installed:

The Dascanio Vineyard
Fullerton, CA
Completed 1/12/2013 










The Patil Vineyard
Anaheim Hills
Installation begins 1/19/2013







The Meyer Vineyard
North Tustin
Planned for installation in February















Your Dream Vineyard Could Be Next!


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