The Bibeau Vineyard
Rancho Cucamonga
March/April Installation

This vineyard installation was an extension to the original vineyard installed at the Bibeau home at this time last year (see 2010 Vineyards tab).   After the Bibeaus cleared the eastern half of there back hillside, the new vineyard was designed and installed to virtually mirror the vineyard on the west side.  The Bibeaus once again provided their own vines for planting...all first and second year cuttings from local Cucamonga Heritage vines.


















The Uhalley Vineyard
Alta Loma
Installed April 22, 23, 25














The Wirthgen Vineyard
Installed May 7, 2011













The Weaver Vineyard
Riverside, CA
June 23, 2011











The Lampert-Fowler Vineyard
Villa Park, CA
August 2011















The Michael Vineyard
Red Hill area of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
August 2011















The McElroy Vineyard
Alta Loma
October, 2011




























Your Dream Vineyard Could Be Next!









Wow! 2009 and 2010 were great years for us! We planted many vineyards throughout the Southland, all the way down to San Diego. 2011 has been no exception. Three months into 2011, we have installed or have been engaged to install 5 new vineyards, all of various sizes and shapes, with one having particular complexity while challenging our creative minds. Don't hesitate to contact us to design and install your own very special vineyard!

The Wachs Vineyard
West Hills, CA
Installation March/April

This particular vineyard was a tremendous challenge to us.  Located almost 80 miles west of our business location in Rancho Cucamonga, the customer's home is located in a very rocky, hilly canyon.  The planting area is located on a rock shelf behind the customer's newly-built home.  The shelf is an extension of the large rocky hills directly behind the shelf.  The dirt on the rock shelf varied in depth from a couple feet or more to bare rock!  The challenge was to securely emplace the posts, which sometimes required drilling into rock, and to ensure that the vines had adequate soil to spread their roots.  There were many other related challenges, which included difficult access to the hill, a sometimes steep slope, and rainy weather.  It took us longer than expected to install, but the finished product is truly amazing.  We are truly pround of this accomplishment, and we are pleased to add this design to our other creatively-designed vineyards which include a "sunken vineyard" and a "pygmy vineyard."  No challenge is too great!











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