A Working Vineyard at My Own Home?

We are a small family-run business, and we’re not out to gouge customers with pricey services. What we charge for planting your vineyard is cost of materials, plus planning and labor. A small fee of $75-$100 is charged for an initial, on-site consultation and estimate (if requested). The consultation fee is credited back to the customer if a job is agreed upon. Of course, if you wish to do the construction and/or planting yourself, but aren’t sure what you need and/or how to go about it, you may commission us to draw up a full plan with color graphics, supplies & equipment needs, and basic instructions. We’re flexible and happy to assist! 

You bet!!  Do you enjoy grapes for eating, jelly/jam making, or winemaking? Have you ever wanted to plant your own vineyard? Do you have some space in your yard that gets mostly full sun? Would you prefer organically-grown fruit that is pesticide, chemical, and hormone free?

One vine or one hundred vines (or more), seedless table grapes, jelly/jam, or winemaking grapes, trellised or staked, large lot, small lot, hillside, it doesn’t matter. We plant home vineyards. Our mission is simple...to repopulate the Cucamonga Valley, foothills, and surrounding area with as many grapevines as possible, in an effort to enhance and continue Cucamonga’s historic heritage of grape growing and winemaking here in Cucamonga and throughout the Southern California region.

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We also serve businesses, schools, elder-care facilities...anywhere a custom vineyard would complement your purpose and desire. And, we're not locked-in to the Cucamonga Valley. We can plant regionally, as long as we can get to you!  From Riverside to San Diego to Simi Valley and all parts between, we hope to serve you!  If you live outside Southern California, WE CAN STILL HELP YOU!  Click the "Out of Area Vineyards" tab at the left for info.

And vineyards aren't all we do.  We can teach you to make wine; we can make your wine for you or with you; and we can set you up with all the equipment you need at special pricing due to our discount relationship with retail suppliers.  We also design and print custom labels for your own wines or for special occasions on any wine, commercial or homemade.   

It would be fair to say that we are passionate about vineyard growing and wine making.  And we are passionate about sharing our passion with you.  Don't delay another day...  Contact George now with all your questions!  909-560-7834.

NEW!  Thanks to our new friends and outstanding Videographers, Joseph Mitchell and Han-Su Kim (www.JVMImaging.com), we now have a professionally produced video that will give you a personalized idea of our passion for grape growing and wine making.  Featuring our founder, George M. Walker, George describes his love of grape-growing and wine-making, and what it might mean to you.


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